Day One: Old Man Logan (2015) #1

COMIC TITLE: Old Man Logan (2015) #1
Brian Michael Bendis- Writer
Andrea Sorrentino- Artist
May 27, 2015
Marvel Comics
img_6974The man once known as Wolverine lives in a world that is completely different than what we were used to at one time or another. The Multiverse was destroyed and no one could save the worlds Earth-616 or Earth-1610. Now the world is known as Battlworld which is dominated and run by the God and Master known as Victor Von Doom. You see Logan lives in a region known as the wastleland because it has been torn by war between the villains and heroes. For years, Logan had sworn to never use his claws again after the murder of his fellow X-Men after he was manipulated by Mysterio’s illusions. Now we go into the comic which in the beginning tells us that Logan has killed off all of the Hulks which are a gang that control most of the wasteland. He hasn’t killed all of them because he’s taking care of a baby Hulk which shows his sensitive side. In the issue he’ll tackle a nasty gang of Daredevils, but what bothers him is that he finds an Ultron head which will send him on a journey far from home where he meets an old friend.

img_6976For a first issue, I was definitely a fan of just about everything in this comic. I was a little confused I’ll admit by the gang of Daredevils, but it was cleared up as soon as Logan described his confusion over them as well. They live in a world where just about every superhero is gone so these gangs basically do not respect any of them. The story is very intriguing and it grabs you right away leaving you wanting to continue on to the very next issue down the line. It plays out almost like one of your favorite action movies where the bad guys are all sitting there plotting their next move when all of a sudden the hero shows up to take care of the trash. They definitely set you up with the mysterious Ultron head because even you want to know where this leads you. The other thing I really loved about this issue is the artwork. The artwork is just seems so different than your usual comic book artwork because it just seems so art house like. The characters are drawn differently than you world normally seem them almost like Tarantino got involved in comics. That was definitely another appealing point of the comic book besides the story. We’ve been so used to seeing Wolverine with his nice Yellow and brown suit, but this is more gritty and his name is Logan. I am definitely giving this first issue an A+ for a final grade.


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