Day 2: Old Man Logan (2015) #2

COMIC TITLE: Old Man Logan (2015) #2
Brian Michael Bendis- Writer
Andrea Sorrentino- Artist
June 17, 2015
Marvel Comics

img_7189The last issue we were introduced to a world that was different than we knew after the destruction of Earth-1610 and Earth-616. We also saw the return of Old Man Logan who had wiped out a group of Daredevils, picked up an Ultron helmet, and saw an old friend by the name of Emma Frost in the last issue. In this issue, he continues on in his journey that takes him to someone wielding the power of Thor’s hammer who wants to annihilate him and to make matters worse, he runs into an old enemy by the name of Sabertooth, but now he calls himself Creed. When it seems that Sabertooth and Logan are about to lock up to fight, the X-Men intervene and take Logan away from the action. If it’s confusing to you because of what we learned from the first issue, then imagine how Logan feels right now. Just as soon as he tries to get some answers, Sabertooth finds him, but Logan will run into a greater villain after Creed tells him that he is a member of the four horsemen.

img_7190Just from reading the top paragraph, you can imagine how action packed the story is and they do a great job of keeping me interested enough to want to continue on. The best is that they leave you on such a cliffhanger at the end that you can’t help, but have that thirst to find out exactly what the original mutant has in store for Logan. The one part I wished they answered a little bit more was where have the X-Men been the whole time? Maybe we’ll see it in the next issue(s), but I definitely wanted to know more. The art work is exactly the same as the last issue, so it has that arthouse style to it which I have to say that I am a big fan of and it melds well with the subject matter. I definitely think the panels flow pretty nicely, but I like how they aren’t traditional panels like what you see to the left of the paragraph. As you can see I really enjoyed the comic and can not wait for the next issue out of the five issue miniseries. So, I am going to give it an A for a final grade. If you want to read the comic, be sure to go to Marvel’s website by clicking here.


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