Day 3: Old Man Logan (2015) #3

COMIC TITLE: Old Man Logan (2015) #3
Brian Michael Bendis- Writer
Andrea Sorrentino- Artist
July 22, 2015
Marvel Comics

img_7191Yesterday, we checked out the second issue of Old Man Logan so I figured why not, but keep going. In the last issue, we see that Logan is still trying to figure out what is going on in the world that he’s in. He had Emma Frost in his head and sees a group that resembles a group that he supposedly slaughtered and we are left with him confronted by Apocalypse. It looks as if in this issue that he is going to be annihilated by Apocalpyse for disobeying the law that states that you are not allowed to cross over domains. So, if you find yourself in one then you are unfortunately stuck there. The Thor stops Apocalypse from doing anything to Logan, but Logan then finds himself moving along more worlds after trying to attack the Thor, but a very rich man that we all know may have something to say about where he’ll end up next and it seems to be a place no one wants to go to. I’m trying my best to not give too much away about the issue so that you’ll actually have to stop and read it.

img_7192The only criticism that I am really going to give about this issue is the fact that they still have not touched upon the issue of the X-Men. This is an issue that is obviously bothering Logan because he’s confused, but they always cut it off when you think you are going to hear something. I still have hope that with two issues left in the miniseries that they are going to touch upon this sooner or later because I am still a huge fan of the artwork. I love the fact that they are introducing a lot of characters that we are all familiar with, but it’s weird cause they don’t seem to recognize him. Don’t take these statements the wrong way because the story is still intriguing and it does capture your attention, I would just want them to touch upon a subject more.The panels are pretty straightforward at times, but sometimes during the issue you’ll get some funky panels that go in a circle (this happened once in the issue). As far as the grading is concerned, I am going to try something new moving forward. I am going to grade each aspect of the story. If you want to read the issue or find out more on the miniseries then click here.


Story/Plot: A-

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A-

Entertainment Value: A



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