Day 4: Old Man Logan (2015) #4

COMIC TITLE: Old Man Logan (2015) #4
Brian Michael Bendis- Writer
Andrea Sorrentino- Artist
August 26, 2015
Marvel Comics

img_7193I figured since I have already reviewed the last three issues of the five issue miniseries that I would just continue on to the next issue and at this point I am hooked. In the last issue, Logan manages to escape punishment from Apocalypse and Thor, but gets sent to a hell by Tony Stark and Rhodes that is full of Symbiotes, zombies, and even zombie symboites. We see that Logan is battling for his life in this hell that he is, but he begins to question whether this is all real or if he is dead and actually in hell as he fights off all of the zombies. He questions it until he runs into a new friend that is a she-Hulk who was also condemned to this hell. It is there that they’ll plot their escape before they are consumed by the zombies and symbiotes. Will they manage to escape or what other hell will they find on this journey through the wastelands. Again, I am trying my best to not give too much away for you Marvel and Logan fans out there.

img_7194In the last issue, I expressed my distress over the fact that we are not educated more on the X-Men that appeared in the comic especially after the fact that Emma Frost dies in the first issue. The explanation in the beginning of the issue (that let’s you know what happened before) tells us that they could be an alternative version of them. For right now, I think I can accept that, but I do want to see it in the last issue. I really loved the idea of the story and where they took it in this issue because it made you wonder if he was really going crazy or not. I definitely loved the inclusion of the symbiotes because it’s almost like they don’t live in the same world as everyone else, but do not cross Lord Doom or you’ll meet them. If you read my other three reviews then you will definitely know that I am a huge fan of the artwork in these issues because it has that arthouse feel to it. I am a traditionalist, but on occasion new styles of artwork will amaze me if done right. Like before, you’ll see my final grade for the issue below and if you would like to read the issue, you can do so by going here.


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A

Entertainment Value: A


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