Day 8: Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1

COMIC TITLE: Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1
Dan Jurgens- Writer
Ryan Sook – Artist
September 28, 2016
DC Comics

batman-beyond-rebirth-1After the new 52 had failed miserably for DC Comics, they had to do something since they were falling behind Marvel. So, they decided to scrap any issues from the new 52 and relaunch with Rebirth which was a fitting name for it. The series that I am exploring for today is the Batman Beyond series and their first issue Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1. In the issue, Batman (Terry McGinnis)goes through and tells you all you need to know to catch up to this point as far as his origin story, but the belief in Neo Gotham is that The Joker is dead and Bruce Wayne is gone. Yet, there are clowns every where causing trouble in the city when we meet our new caped crusader. They are all coming from a section of town known as Jokerz Town and someone close to Batman gets kidnapped. So, he heads on his way to Jokerz Town where he is greeted with open fists. There is also a very huge reveal that sets up the rest of the series for sure.

batman-beyond-rebirth-1-dc-comics-spoilers-8I have to be honest in saying that I had never watched the television series before so I wasn’t sure if I could enjoy the comic book, but I have something to tell you. If this is any indication of what is to come in future issues then I am absolutely hooked from here on out. It has all the action and suspense that you want and expect from a Batman comic book and I like the new Batman. DC did this thing where every issue gets a Rebirth issue which apparently re-introduces you to what they have planned. Hence why you should not be confused like I was when purchasing two Batman Beyond #1’s. I really liked the story because it has all the turning points you need in a story and they’re leading us into something good here. The artwork is pretty sick where it looks almost identical to the TV series artwork. The panels are easy to read and you can definitely tell what is a thought, narration, or them talking. If you want to read more about the comic, then please click here or check out my grades below cause I am definitely on board:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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