Day 9: Batman Beyond #1

COMIC TITLE: Batman Beyond #1
Dan Jurgens- Writer
Bernard Chang – Artist
October 26, 2016
DC Comics

bmb_cv1_5783d3326728f0-07365188We are continuing on with the Batman Beyond series because the first one left me wanting more and we read comic books in a row here if we can. The issue we have for you today is the other number one I was talking about in Batman Beyond #1. In the last issue, Dana (a friend of Terry’s) has been kidnapped after trying to help someone in Jokerz Town, a section of Neo Gotham dominated by Jokerz. We see him travel to Jokerz Town where he confronted by the futures version of Bane, but as a clown. Meanwhile, it has been revealed to Dana that they plan to bring The Joker back from the dead because they feel the city needs the Joker more than Batman. Meanwhile, the poor guy is trying to survive the ordeal he is in, but will he make it and will he find Dana, you’ll have to read for yourself to find out. You’ll learn that I try not to spoil anything for you guys too much.

img_2166The thing about the writing in this issue that I truly love is that it feels like you are watching the animated series because it has that thing where even though he is being attacked, he finds time to insert that humor like any non Bruce Wayne led Batman would. The issue seems to go right where the last one left off as far as the action is concerned and they actually turned up the ante in this one. This might as well be called the action packed first issue, but it also has a good story that has some suspense in it as well. The artwork is phenomenal and like I said, if you were a fan of the animated series then you will definitely like this one for sure. The panels are easy to read and differentiate when you move along from page to page. I am definitely a huge fan of what is going on in this comic so I am having a hard time finding something bad to say about it. To read the issue and more, please click here and check out my grading below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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