Day 10: Batman Beyond #2

COMIC TITLE: Batman Beyond #2
Dan Jurgens- Writer
Bernard Chang – Artist
November 23, 2016
DC Comics

1I figured since we started off the year going five straight Marvel issues in a row, why not do five DC issues in a row and keep going with Batman Beyond as we check out issue number two for today. In the last issue, we saw that Batman barely escaped the clutches of all the clowns in Jokerz Town. We saw that he has decided to go undercover by the end of the last issue, but what is going on with Dana? Is she still doing OK? In this issue, we are back with Dana and her captor Terminal who is trying to convince her that he is going to be bringing The Joker back from the dead. Knowing that she is doubting him, he tells her the story of what really happened to The Joker that faithful night he “died”. Meanwhile, with everything going on around them, they are paid a visit from what seems to be the Batman or are is it really him? Find all of the information out for yourself by clicking here or visiting your local comic shop.

bb1I really enjoyed the fact that they gave you the backstory on what really happened to The Joker or at least Terminal’s version of what happened. The series is getting better and better with every issue that I have read and that means that Jurgens is doing a great job in the writing department. He’s giving you all the suspense and action (even though this one doesn’t have a lot of that) that you could possibly want out of an issue. So, while the comic doesn’t have a whole lot of action, it makes up for it in story. I feel like I always end up repeating myself as far as the artwork is concerned, but I do really enjoy the traditional style of it. The series is pretty flawless in my opinion right now, but I think you do have to be a fan of the series to really get it. You can only hope that they keep it coming with every issue and that they don’t run out of gas. Plus, I want to see if he really does bring The Joker back to life. Don’t you? Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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