Day 11: Carnage #6

COMIC TITLE: Carnage #6
Gerry Conway- Writer
Mike Perkins – Artist
March 23, 2016
Marvel Comics

img_7205One of my favorite story lines from Marvel has always been the Symbiotes (Venom, Space Venom, Toxin, Carnage, etc.). When Marvel announced that Carnage was getting his own comic I was instantly hooked. So for today’s issue, we are checking out issue six of Carnage. In the last issue, we a task force was sent to eliminate the serial killer known as Carnage. In an attempt to eliminate him they blew up the area that he was contained, but he found a mysterious book that gives him great powers and with the book he escaped. In this issue, a girl named Jabulile van Scotter from South Africa whose travelling alone in a boat decides to do the right thing and she rescues a man that was in an explosion. The only problem is that the man that has boarded the boat is none other than Carnage himself. What lies in store for the poor girl with a serial killer on board her boat as she dreams of sailing the world? Read it for yourself to find out what happens. You can check out some options by visiting Marvel here.

img_7211I was a huge fan of the first five issues that this series offered as far as the writing was concerned and I’ll tell you why that is. Carnage is a serial killer who is on the loose and to do him justice you have to make the comic violent as hell which is exactly what they did with it over there at Marvel. In this issue we begin to see a different side of him, but it plays well into who his character is and that is because of great writing from Gerry Conway. The cover of the comic makes it comical looking, but it is far from that believe me. In the series, you are getting Toxin and the Man-Wolf John Jonah Jameson III which makes sense and what more could you ask for. I am a huge fan of the artwork in the book because they really convey everything he is about as far as the imagery of Carnage and what Carnage does. It’s a traditional style as far as how it looks which is fine by me. The panels ware very easy to read and follow so you shouldn’t have a problem with that. I am truly excited for the next issue int he story because it starts to get interesting at the end of this one.


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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