Day 12: Carnage #7

COMIC TITLE: Carnage #7
Gerry Conway- Writer
Mike Perkins – Artist
April 27, 2016
Marvel Comics

detailIn typical fashion, when we start a story we continue on with it until the story arc ends or the series ends. For today, we have Carnage #7 for all of you and in the last issue we see that Jabulile van Scotter has rescued what she believes to be a burnt dead man until he wakes up and is perfectly normal. Carnage has survived the ordeal and he has the book. He attempts to show Jabulile the power that the book contains by infecting her with the symbiote matter that is in his blood. It doesn’t change her like it does to him, but she can feel the power and before he kills her, she manages to escape. She is later found by Jameson, Brock, and Manuela Calderon. In this issue, Jabulile is questioned by Brock and company and when she asks them who Carnage is, they try to explain to her what has transpired in the last 15 days that led them to her. To read the comic or find out more about Marvel, please click here.

img_7218The writing once again in this book is amazing as they don’t let up on the suspense or anything. I also love what they are continuing to do with Carnage as they make him sneaky, vindictive, and a homicidal maniac like he was created to be. This is exactly what we want as Carnage fans and Marvel and Gerry Conway continue to give it to us with every issue. I like the flashback because it gives us the necessary backstory we need to figure out where they have been and where they are going in the next issue. The artwork for the comic as I have said before is pretty traditional as far as I can see. I feel like depending on what panel they are working on, the artwork style changes and maybe that is for effect, I am not really sure, but I do enjoy it. The entertainment value is there and it works well and the characters are represented as best as they can be. This is a series that you’ll definitely want to pick up.


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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