Day 17: Wacky Raceland #1

COMIC TITLE: Wacky Raceland #1
Ken Pontac- Writer
Leonardo Manco – Artist
June 8, 2016
DC Comics

5253830-0wrac_cv1_dsFor today’s title, I wanted to go back to the DC Universe because they made a comic book that was based off of a cartoon that I loved called Wacky Races. The only thing is that there is a twist to the comic because it’s called Wacky Raceland and we have issue number one for all of you. The world has entered a post apocalyptic state like one you would see in Mad Max except the world is full of mutants and there is a person named the announcer who has promised all of the racers that they can enter the only safe haven on this decrepit Earth as long as they win some races. All of the others will be left in the wasteland to rot as you enjoy paradise. In this issue, the racers are in a bar that refuses to serve them and they get into a bar fight as we reflect on the last insane race that they were a part of that day. There is also a side story at the end of the issue that explains an origin of a certain racer. To see more info on the comic or more from DC, please click here.

12If I had to describe the comic and the story, think of it like Wacky Races meets Mad Max and that is exactly what you have here for sure. All of you’re favorites are sort of here, but I was always a fan of Dick Dastardly along with Muttley and Penelope Pitstop and Peter Perfect to name a few. Not only does it have a Mad Max theme to it, but it also has a Death Race feel to the story as well with having to win so many races. The only thing about this comic book is that I love the artwork probably better than the story. It kind of does a bad job explaining certain relationships and certain things happen without real explanation. I’m not saying that it’s a terrible comic, but it needs some work done for improvement. As I stated before, I am a huge fan of the artwork and I think it matches the theme of the comic in it’s traditional updated way. Anyway, I think it’s definitely worth checking out to at least see if this is something you would enjoy. Here are the grades for the comic book:


Story/Plot: B

Artwork: A

Character Representation: B

Entertainment Value: A-


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