Day 18: Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #3

COMIC TITLE: Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #3
Aubrey Sitterson- Writer
Emilio Laiso – Artist
April 2016
IDW Publishing

17We are coming back to the Street Fighter X G.I. Joe story line for the third issue of the series from IDW Publishing. In the last issue of Street Fighter X G.I. Joe, the first round was completed and it was revealed that the weapon that M. Bison and Destro were developing is completed as Bison broke it out at the end of the first round. We also figured out that the master of disguise Zartan was posing as someone else as he defeated Chun Li in the first round. In this issue, the quarterfinal matches commence as we have Snake Eyes taking on Rufus, Jinx vs Hakan, Zartan vs Guile, and M.Bison taking on Storm Shadow. We also find out in the issue what exactly does M. Bison have planned with the Psycho drive that is now active and how is Cammy doing after the beating she took the week before. You can find out all of this by either reading the issue at this link or you can check out more from IDW as well.

sf_x_gijoe_03-2I know I have been pretty critical of the story, but that is only because there is so much potential with it and with that being said I do like where they are going with this. We are getting a little bit more out of what is going on and that is what I wanted from the start and the fights are getting a little more interesting as we go along. One of the things that I loved that they did with a character that I can’t tell you about because it’s spoiling it is what they did with Zartan and his abilities. That is all I can say about the matter without giving away too much. The artwork of course, I am a fan of and they keep it going and they stay consistent with it which is nice. I love the battle scenes in this one and they even extend some of them to be a little longer than in previous issues. I’m actually excited to keep reading ahead to see what is going to happen next. Here are my grades for this issue.


Story/Plot: A-

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A-


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