Day 19: Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #4

COMIC TITLE: Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #4
Aubrey Sitterson- Writer
Emilio Laiso – Artist
May 2016
IDW Publishing

3412412For today’s 365 Comics In 365 Days Challenge, we are continuing on with the Street Fighter X G.I. Joe series with issue number four out of six. In the last issue we were treated to the quarterfinals where we saw some decent action and we saw what Zartan could do, but in the end it was all about M. Bison and the psycho drive and his plans to take over the world. We also start noticing that there are some sacrifices that are made as well. We see those sacrifices continue in this issue as the semifinals are underway. We get Jinx taking on Rufus and M.Bison taking on Guile in the other match. We begin to see the bigger picture start to unfold as these matches become a fight to the death for our fighters. How will they combat what Destro and M.Bison have in store for the world, you’ll just have to read to find out what happens next. You can do so by clicking here and also check out what else IDW Publishing has for you.

sf_x_gijoe_04-pr-2The thing I loved about this issue is that the fights are actually longer than they were int he previous issues which is pretty cool because it sets up some stuff for us in the future and they can represent the characters better with more time. The story of the comic series is definitely improving as it’s getting closer to a point that we have addressed over the last three issues. It’s pretty exciting stuff and it has me hooked to want to find out what happens next. I feel like a broken record when I talk about some of these things especially when I do issues in a row, but I guess I have to. The artwork for the issue is very good in it’s traditional style, but I love when the fight scenes happen cause it gets very cool looking and it’s like you’re playing the video game with Fight and K.O. on the pages. I am going to admit that at this point, I am hooked because I want to find out what happens next and there’s only two more issues left. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A-


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