Day 23: Red Sonja #0

COMIC TITLE: Red Sonja #0
Amy Chu- Writers
Carlos Gomez – Artist
December 2016
Dynamite Entertainment

TNRSvol400CovABradshawSometimes when you are walking through a comic book store, you see deals on certain titles that you may not have thought of grabbing, but when you see an issue for 25 cents you don’t thin twice. That was definitely the case when I was walking through Newbury Comics and I discovered that Dynamite Entertainment’s issue #0 of Red Sonja was going for a quarter. Literally, I remember Brigitte Nielsen playing the role in the 1985 which is another reason I took a chance on it. In the issue, we are faced with her fighting a mighty beast right from the get go and she is doing pretty well until everything goes dark. She wakes up in a cave and doesn’t understand where she is or what strange world she is now. Where will this new adventure bring Red Sonja, the scantily clad amazonian warrior next? If you want to find out where, you can do so by visiting Dynamite Entertainment’s website here

RSv400Int2As far as the story was concerned, I think it was too short and abrupt for me to really tell if I thoroughly enjoyed it enough. I am however not surprised by it because it is only issue #0 so it’s an introductory issue. I do like the story and the direction that it’s going to head into because it reminds me of the Masters Of The Universe film story. I do not want to give too much away to you guys that way you can check it out for yourselves. I love the style of the artwork because it’s kind of traditional looking with a little bit new school design and it features a scantly clad amazonian warrior so what else could you possibly ask for in a comic book. I think they do a pretty good job representing Red Sonja and who she is and how she would talk especially from the world that she comes from. If you’re a fan of Red Sonja and you want to know how she got to issue #1 then definitely check out this comic book before reading that issue. Check out my grades for it below:


Story/Plot: B+

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A-


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