Day 33: Future Quest #2 (2016)

COMIC TITLE: Future Quest #2
Jeff Parker- Writer
Evan Shaner, Jonathan Case, and Steve Rude– Artists
July 6, 2016
DC Comics

FutQue_Cv2_56fc234731d577.65151099Yesterday I introduced all of you to Future Quest, the Hanna Barbera crossover event of the year that I was totally excited for. In the last issue, The Quests are investigating these disturbances on the planet that are just weird. They assume that Dr. Zin is the mastermind behind all of this who seems to be getting ahead of them every time. Well, the proverbial Sh** hits the fan when Jonny and Hadji come across Zin, his troops, and a strange person they have never seen before. That was all in issue number one and now have Future Quest #2 for all of you. In this issue, the group is confronted by Space Ghost, but that doesn’t seem to matter much when he disappears and they discover an alien ship containing Tara of the Herculoids. There are some strange things going down in the everglades of Florida and the Quests are trying to figure out what in the hell is going on? Meanwhile, Dr. Zin needs to send in someone new to take care of business and you can find out what by going to DC site to either read the issue or just explore by clicking here.

5312036-3+futureq2I have to give Jeff Parker some props because the man is keeping me glued to the suspense of this crossover event. This is a fun comic book to read and he is making it fun with the action and suspense in the writing. If you are a fan of Hanna Barbera and everything I listed above, then you should be reading this one too. The artwork in the issue is very cool and is as close to the look of the series as it can possibly get, but it does a great job modernizing them as well. As I said before, the panels are super easy to follow and read along as you see the action unfold on every single page. I love how when it focuses on Dr. in, the artwork feels a little different and I like how they do that. I also love the inclusion of the Herculoids and how in the beginning it keeps exploring why these events are happening. I definitely think that this is worth checking out and so you ca check out my grades below which I don’t think changed at all from before.


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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