Day 34: Extraordinary X-Men #8

COMIC TITLE: Extraordinary X-Men #8
Jeff Lemire- Writer
Humberto Ramos– Artist
March 16, 2016
Marvel Comics

IMG_7799From until whenever, we are going to be starting an event here at 365 Comics in 365 Days challenge blog where are covering a Marvel Comics event. Back in March of 2016, Marvel began an event that stretched out to three of their series in Extraordinary X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and the All-New X-Men called the X-Men Apocalypse Wars and this is one I definitely did not want to miss at all. The first issue in chronological order that we are covering on the timeline is Extraordinary X-Men #8 which sees our X-Men in a different world that isn’t going too well. At least that is what Storm is thinking as she runs X-Haven now. There are supposed to be no more mutants on the planet that are not accounted for or dead, but Cerebra all of sudden detects 600 signatures that are located in Tokyo and the X-Men have to go and investigate it. Colossus along with some of the newbies travel to Japan, but they run into something very strange when they get there that forces all the X-men to come. To get more information or read any of the issues please click here to go to Marvel.

IMG_7802I definitely enjoyed where the first issue in this event was heading because it definitely left you in a major cliffhanger for sure. The only thing I had an issue with in this particular one is one that I think is common and that is lame villain names for really cool looking villains. In this issue, the X-Men are confronted with Sugar Man who looks like a cross between M.O.D.O.K. and Mojo. He is basically a giant head body thing with a long tongue that can electrocute you, but he has a lame name. Other than that issue, I definitely like the issue and I am definitely moving forward. As far as artwork is concerned, it’s very good, but they make Logan look like a big blob of a person, but they make up for it in other aspects of the issue. The panels are super easy to read and very easy to follow along to in my opinion. I am only hoping that things will only get better with every issue that comes our way, but we’ll have to wait and see. There is a bonus side story that comes with the issue that involves Magik and Doctor Strange so check it out.


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A-

Character Representation: A

Entertainment Value: A


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