Day 39: Extraordinary X-Men #10

COMIC TITLE: Extraordinary X-Men #10
Jeff Lemire- Writer
Humberto Ramos– Artist
May 25, 2016
Marvel Comics

IMG_8002We are continuing along nicely with our X-Men Apocalypse War Marvel Event of the year and we are going back to Extraordinary X-Men this time around for Extraordinary X-Men #10. In the last issue, they were confronted by the members of the Apocalypse and had to fight after discovering that all mutants had been eliminated from their world. When they come back after a year of their journey, they discover the other X-Men and that Colossus has changed sides. In this next issue, Colossus has stolen the ark and some members of the crew think it’s over until they decide to soldier on to change fate before it’s too late. Meanwhile Sarna has been developing her powers nicely since they met with Doctor Strange. After Magik takes her focus off of her, she notices something is wrong and decides to go after the team in the future. To read the rest of the issue or find out anything else on X-Men issues, please click here. If you want to follow along and figure out what issue you need to read next in the event, then click here.

IMG_8005The journey in this issue with the whole team might be the true highlight of this issue to be honest because it just gets interesting by the panel. You get to a certain point and you just want to know what happens next. I’m still trying to figure out how they are connected with the other issues in the series (Uncanny & All-New), but hopefully we find out soon. I’m not sure if I am a huge fan however of the four horseman because some of them have not displayed their personalities or at least not Deadpool. The artwork is pretty good, I still have an issue with how some of them look, but I accept it at this point. Don’t get me wrong, not all of it is bad, it just some of the characters. Everything else is good with the issue. The panels are super easy to read and follow along with. This issue packs a lot in it as far as characters are concerned so definitely check this one out (and to keep along with the timeline). Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A-

Character Representation: A

Entertainment Value: A+


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