Day 41: All-New X-Men #10

COMIC TITLE: All-New X-Men #10
Dennis Hopeless- Writer
Mark Bagley– Artist
June 8, 2016
Marvel Comics

IMG_8029We are continuing along with our Marvel X-Men event of the year, The Apocalypse Wars and now that we are moving along nice with the All-New X-Men series, we figured it was only smart to keep going along the timeline. In the last issue, we saw that Evan was struggling with the fact that he is the clone of Apocalypse, but it’s his curiosity that ultimately gets Hank and him in some serious trouble when they get transported to Ancient Egypt where Evan is faced with the child version of Apocalypse. In issue #10, Evan is still on the run from the sand troopers with Apocalypse when they run into some familiar friends of his. Apocalypse wants to leave, but Evan feels guilty because he needs grab Hank. Meanwhile, Hank is being tortured when he is saved by a strange Mystic, but what does this Mystic want from Hank? To find out what and read more of the issue like what happens next to Evan, you can do so by visiting the Marvel website here. If you want to know the reading order for the Apocalypse War event, then click here.

IMG_8033I thought the first issue was OK, but this one is absolutely refreshing because it kind of reveals how all of them are tied together. You finally understand what is going on in all of the issues once you read a certain section of the story. This was the issue that I have been waiting days for and now I can finally start connecting the dots. The real eye grabbing element of this issue though is in the artwork. There is this one section where the artwork just blew my mind because it was so awesome. As you can see to the left of this paragraph, that is just one piece of it as there is more that is just so cool. The panels are easy to follow along for anyone looking to get into the series. You definitely have to check this one out for sure and follow along with the rest of them. Check out my grades below which I think are pretty fair as far as this issue was concerned:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A

Entertainment Value: A+


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