Day 44: All-New X-Men #11

COMIC TITLE: All-New X-Men #11
Dennis Hopeless- Writer
Mark Bagley– Artist
July 13, 2016
Marvel Comics

All-New_X-Men_Vol_2_11It’s so crazy to believe that there are only three issues left in the whole X-Men Apocalypse Wars which is the Marvel X-Men event of the year. We’ve read issues from Extraordinary X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and today’s volume from the All-New X-Men. So, let’s continue on with the timeline as we check out All-New X-Men #11. In the last issue, Evan (Genesis Sabahnur) has been struggling with the fact that En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse) is such a good kid and heroic that he wants to help him escape, but he struggles because Hank is still out there somewhere. Meanwhile, Hank is being questioned by the Mystic who saved his life when he discovers the Third Eye Of Horus which he plans to use until Baal interrupts. In this issue, Evan gets a magical message from Baal that claims Hank is in grave danger. So despite his protest, En Sabah Nur and Evan go back to save him, but when they do, it’s a set up. Now, Evan is faced with the ultimate dilemma and he’ll have to make the difficult choice. To read more the issue, please click here to go to Marvel.

IMG_8104This was one of the most ultimate issues in the whole entire run of All-New X-Men in the Apocalypse Wars because of the content and what the ultimate consequences are by the end of it. I really enjoyed the writing the most of this issue because of the conflict between our main character Evan and his struggle with wanting to change the future in hopes that he isn’t who he is if you understand what I am saying. I am starting to think that each series tackles a certain aspect of Apocalypse with this one being the past. The artwork once again is pretty top notch as it has been in the previous issue as well. It’s definitely one that grabs your attention for sure. The panels are easy to follow along for anyone looking to get into the series. You definitely have to check this one out for sure and follow along with the rest of them, but mainly because this one is awesome. I don’t regret starting this journey at all. Check out my grades below which I think are pretty fair as far as this issue was concerned:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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