Day 45: Extraordinary X-Men #12

COMIC TITLE: Extraordinary X-Men #12
Jeff Lemire- Writer
Humberto Ramos– Artist
July 27, 2016
Marvel Comics

Extraordinary_X-Men_Vol_1_12We are continuing along nicely with our X-Men Apocalypse War Marvel Event of the year and we are going back to Extraordinary X-Men this time around for Extraordinary X-Men #12. In the last issue, Nightcrawler and Storm transport into the temple or castle to find Apocalypse and when they do, he reveals to Storm that if he dies, the whole Omega world dies along with him and with that being said, he is stabbed by Nightcrawler. Magik meanwhile decides to go in to try and save the X-Men, but what she doesn’t realize how evil Sapna really is as she runs away. In this issue, while she is traveling through time, she is stopped by some wizards of sorts that stop her and reveal some grave information about Sapna to her. Meanwhile, Storm has to try and figure out a way to keep Apocalypse alive or the whole world will die and she can not save Colossus. What she doesn’t realize is that this was a part of the plan after all. To read more about the issue and whatever else Marvel has, please click here. If you want to follow along and figure out what issue you need to read next in the event, then click here.

IMG_8108This is a pivotal last issue in the order of things in this X-Men Apocalypse wars that actually has me curious about continuing on with the series in general and it has me anxious to see what the next issue in the order of the events has in store. This is some pretty intense stuff that is going on here and we definitely have to read what happens next. The storyline with Jean and Logan is still very cool and they explore it more in this issue with some cool artwork. The artwork is pretty good, I still have an issue with how some of them look, but I accept it at this point. Don’t get me wrong, not all of it is bad, it just some of the characters. Everything else is good with the issue. The panels are super easy to read and follow along with. This issue packs a lot in it as far as characters are concerned so definitely check this one out (and to keep along with the timeline). Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A-

Character Representation: A

Entertainment Value: A+


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