Day 54: Doctor Strange #5 (2016)

COMIC TITLE: Doctor Strange #5 (2016)
Jason Aaron- Writer
Click here for Artists– Artist
February 3, 2016
Marvel Comics

IMG_8236There is an honest story in why I chose the comic I chose for today and there is another reason attached to it as well. I started reading Doctor Strange a while back and I kind of fell out of love with the series so I stopped reading it. After all the appearances or mentions of Doctor Strange in various issues I have already read, I figured it was time to give him a chance once again and read Doctor Strange #5. In the issues leading up to this one, something strange has been happening in both the mystical world and the real world and Doctor Strange can not figure out what it is. As he enters into the mystical world, he starts to remember the toll that certain magic takes on him, but he has no choice as he searches for an answer. While Wong searches for an answer in the Himalayas, Strange goes to the Temple of Watoomb to see if he can figure out what is happening, but it’s too late because they’re here. To read the issue and see what else is going on in the world of Marvel Comics, then click here.

IMG_8237Now as far as the comic is concerned, it definitely is heading in the right direction as far as the suspense is concerned. I love how they included a little bit of the back story in this one like they did in the previous issue so that we know how dangerous the magic actually is and the effect that it’s having on Doctor Strange. I also enjoyed the various cameos that the issue had because it made sense with what Doctor Strange was trying to do. I think one of the main selling points of the issue is definitely the artwork and how crazy it is. The artwork constantly changes with the situation and I definitely enjoyed it because it helps tells us what he is doing or where he is. The panels are easy to read, but I think that Doctor Strange is not a comic for everyone. I truly believe that you have to be into the magic world to get into this character. Lucky for him, I am one of those people that has an imagination. One question I have is what is in the basement? Check out the series and check out my grades below.


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A


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