Day 57: Superman: The Man Of Steel #19 (1993)

COMIC TITLE: Superman: The Man Of Steel #19 (1993)
Louise Simonson– Writer
Jon Bogdanove– Artist
January 1993
DC Comics

6 Superman man of steel 19A week or so ago, we went into the vaults of Marvel Comics to check out an issue from 17 years ago and now we wanted to do the same for DC Comics. This time though, we are going back 24 years to 1993 when DC decided to inject some Doomsday into their Superman: Man Of Steel #19. In the previous issue, Doomsday has just escaped from the mountain that he was being held in and decides that he would like to cause some destruction as he makes what we will believe to be his way to Metropolis while Superman deals with the Underworlders. In this issue, Superman finally catches up to Doomsday, but there has been way too much destruction along the way and they do not understand what exactly they are dealing with. What is this monsters purpose here on Earth and is he literally what his name is? Is this a being that Superman can stop like he has done with so many countless others? It’s going to be quite difficult for him, but to read more about the issue, just visit this DC Wiki page here.

Superman-The-Man-of-Steel-19-1993I really loved the artwork of this comic book because it has that traditional old school look and feel to it. This may sound weird, but real collectors will know what I am talking about when I say that I love the old comic smell that it has too. I just love the way it’s colored because it makes you feel like you really are reading a comic book plus the panels are super easy to follow along with. This was always one of the coolest story lines in my opinion as far as Superman was concerned because who would ever think that Superman may have met his match in Doomsday. Who would have ever thought that DC was going to explore an option where it’s greatest superhero could possibly die? There is a lot of action in this comic book so if you love action then this is one to pick up. The story is moving along very well and if you want to read more, the comic itself mentioned to pick up Superman #75 (Volume Two) to traditionally read along. I think it’s definitely a series of events that is worth exploring. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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