Day 58: Batman Beyond #4 (2017)

COMIC TITLE: Batman Beyond #4 (2017)
Dan Jurgens– Writer
Bernard Chang– Artist
January 25, 2017
DC Comics

Batman_Beyond_Vol_6_4It has been quite sometime since I last reviewed an issue of one of my favorite comic book series out there from DC Comics in Batman Beyond. So, I decided to bring it back with issue number four, but before we do that let’s recap what happened in the last issue. In the last issue, we find out that Terminal wants to revive The Joker, but in reality it isn’t The Joker that he has, but rather it’s Bruce Wayne. The only problem is that Terry doesn’t know that as he goes into their hideout undercover, but his cover was blown. Now in this issue, he is hanging upside down along with Dana (who he has been trying to save) and things are difficult because he doesn’t have his suit. After discovering that he has a knife, he lets himself and Dana go, but now he has to battle a boatload of Jokerz. Can he defeat all of the Jokerz without the suit or can Max get a special present to him in time before Terminal’s plan takes flight. You can find that all out by clicking here to go to DC’s website.

BMB_4_4-932x1432This is still by far my favorite comic book that DC is producing as we speak. It has everything any Batman Beyond fan or Batman fan could want out of their comic book from an interesting story line that has definitely taken a dramatic turn and is definitely about to get interesting. I definitely believe that Dan Jurgens is doing an amazing job with the series and I can only hope that it keeps getting better from here on out (which is not too hard to imagine). I seriously and honestly feel like when I am reading this comic book, I am watching the animated series unfold in front of my eyes which speaks to how awesome Bernard Chang is. Bernard has not let any of us down since issue #1 and it’s only going to get better from here on out as well. The panels are awesome and easy to follow along with so you shouldn’t have a problem at all. If you are not on board with this one by now then I don’t know what you are doing. Check out my grades for the issue below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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