Day 59: Justice League/Power Rangers #1

COMIC TITLE: Justice League/Power Rangers #1 (2017)
Karl Kerschl– Writer
Stephen Byrne– Artist
January 11, 2017
DC Comics/Boom! Studios

11The comic I chose for today is a very unique one because it’s not just one company, but two of them working together for a crossover event for the ages. Whether your a fan of the classic DC Comics team The Justice League or Boom! Studios latest addition The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers then I have the comic for you because they have teamed up for Justice League/Power Rangers #1. Angel Grove was once a nice place to live and it’s where our Power Rangers Tommy Oliver (Green Ranger), Jason Lee Scott (Red Ranger), Zack Taylor (Black Ranger), Billy Cranston (Blue Ranger), Trini Kwan (Yellow Ranger), and Kimberly Ann Hart (Pink Ranger) all lived at one time until it was destroyed. One day as the Rangers were assembling at headquaters, Zordon told the rangers that Alpha was missing so they went and searched for him. Zack believed that he found Alpha, but it turned out to be a bomb that allowed Lord Zedd and the putty patrolers into their headquarters. While trying to fight them off, Zack used the transporter and got himself and Zedd lost into a different dimension where the Justice League are. The only problem is that they think the Justice League are a threat. To read more of the issue, please click here to go to DC’s site.

JLPR_01_p08The one thing that I am going to tell you guys going into this issue is that this is one hell of a way to start a comic book six issue event. The one thing I will also tell you is that I was sort of a fan of the Power Rangers whereas I didn’t watch it religiously, but I do know who they are. With that being said, I was a huge fan of villains all my life and Lord Zedd always looked so unique to me that I was a fan and to see him in the issue was pretty awesome and he looks even better in comic book form. I liked the overall style of the comic and I loved some of the humor that is in the book and I do not want to give it away because it’s good. Not every member of the Justice League appears in it, but the key members are there in this issue. The artwork is awesome and the panels are easy to follow along with so you need to check this one out. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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