Day 61: Spider-Gwen #1 (2015)

COMIC TITLE: Spider-Gwen #1 (2015)
Jason Latour– Writer
Robbi Rodriguez– Artist
October 14, 2015
Marvel Comics

spider gwen 1We are continuing on here with my favorite superhero in the one and only Gwendoline Stacy a.k.a Spider-Gwen or as she is known to the public as Spider-Woman. Yesterday, we checked out issue #o from her and today we are moving right along with the first issue of volume two of Spider-Gwen. In that previous issue, we are introduced to how Spider-Gwen became who she was, but she is having troubles in her life balancing her band and her father who is essentially chasing her until he finds out who she really is after a lizard attacks which is witnessed by the one and only Spider-UK. Int he first issue, George Stacy has ultimately been replaced by Frank Castle as far as the investigation is concerned because they feel he has gone soft even though he is out to prove that she is innocent. Gwen is definitely keeping some secrets as far as what really happened with Peter Parker, but she feels that Peter was put up to it by Dr. Connors so she goes to investigate, but she may not like what she finds or at least be prepared for it. To find out more about the issue, just click here to go to Marvel.

Spidergwen 1I definitely think that it’s interesting to see that Frank Castle has taken over for George Stacy. I mean do you guys understand who Frank Castle is? It’s definitely going to be interesting down the line in the series when she is confronted by that predicament. The other thing that I find interesting about this universe is that everything is the opposite of what we know from the other universe where Peter Parker is Spider-Man. If you don’t understand what I mean, just read the issue for yourself to see when it happens. As far as the artwork is concerned, I am going to repeat myself by saying once again, “The artwork in my opinion is very cool and the series always has some of the coolest covers that I have seen. The covers in my opinion are eye catching and the artwork inside of it is awesome as well. The panels are easy to follow along with so you shouldn’t have a problem reading it.” The story is getting really good and it has me hooked to want to find out what happens next. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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