Day 64: Suicide Squad #1 (2016)

COMIC TITLE: Suicide Squad #1 (2016)
Rob Williams– Writer
Scott Williams and Jim Lee – Artist
August 17, 2016
DC Comics

thAs announced earlier in the month, we are celebrating Women’s History Month here on 365 Comics by showcasing all of the awesome characters from any universe whether it be DC, Marvel, Dynamite, etc. Yesterday, we read the Rebirth issue of everyone’s favorite comic book version of The Dirty Dozen in the Suicide Squad which features Harley Quinn, June Moon a.k.a. Enchantress, Katana, and Amanda Waller as well as Killer Croc, Rick Flag, and Captain Boomerang. The first issue saw Amanda Waller convince President Obama to not destroy Task Force X a.k.a. Suicide Squad because she had a plan and she succeeded in recruiting Rick Flag who was stuffed away in Guantanamo Bay. After that, she meets Rick Flag and his second in command Katana at Belle’s Isle where she meets the Suicide Squad for the first time and sends them on their very first mission. The only problem is that it doesn’t go as well as she had hoped. To read all about what happened plus an origin story on how Deadshot ended up where he did then you can do so here at DC’s website.

14I definitely like where Rob Williams is going with this very first issue, but man you leaves you on one heck of a cliffhanger and promises you that someone is going to die. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that, but it’s brilliant. You should always leave your readers wanting more than just giving them everything all at once. There is a part in the beginning of the comic that I just thought was brilliant. A pilot looks at his rookie and basically asks him why he’s scared and how haven’t you ever delivered the devil to hell in reference to Amanda Waller. I just thought that was great and it helped paint a picture for the rest of the comic because she is tough as nails and she gets what she wants. It’s cool to see Harley and Enchantress, but Waller is the real star of the show so far ans we definitely figure that out right away. The artwork is great and it’s a newer more lifelike style at times. The panels are easy to follow along with so you shouldn’t have any trouble. If you’re a fan of the Squad then pick this up. Check out my final grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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