Day 67: Gamora #1 (2016)

COMIC TITLE: Gamora #1 (2016)
Marco Checchetto– Artist
Nicole Perlman– Writer
December 21, 2016
Marvel Comics

Gamora_Vol_1_1Today is another day that I am excited to be doing Women’s History Month for a couple of reasons. One is that I love the Guardians Of The Galaxy whose new film is out this May and the other reason is that we once again have a strong female writer in Nicole Pearlman who is ready to make Gamora a strong character like she is. We have Gamora #1 for you guys today and I just wanted to let you know on where we are in this issue. This is way before she meets up with Peter Quill and the other members of the Guardians. She is still under the control of the mad titan known as Thanos. In this issue, Thanos tasks her with a job to eradicate the universe of a group of people known as the Badoons, but the only problem is that Nebula and all of her jealousy towards Gamora finds out a little secret that could prove to be Earth shattering to Gamora and what she has know up to this point. To read more about what the secret is and more from the issue, just click here to go to Marvel’s website.

IMG_8434There is something to be said about Gamora that kind of makes her interesting, but I think it has more to do with Thanos. She has great dynamics when she is with the Guardians, but you can definitely tell that they are trying to create that here with her and the way the story unraveled. I am not saying that she isn’t an interesting character, but I am just saying she doesn’t have the charisma of a Peter Quill or Rocket Racoon. I am curious to see though where the next issue goes with the story cause they do leave it on a cliffhanger of sorts and I don’t want to feel left out of that. The artwork is pretty cool and it fits the mood of the issue and it may just be a cool selling point for anyone thinking about it. I definitely liked the artwork a lot and I loved what they did with some of the action scenes because those were good. This is definitely one to think about getting, but I can imagine only Guardians fans buying it up. Check out my grades below for the issue.


Story/Plot: A-

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A


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