Day 69: Scarlet Witch #1 (2015)

COMIC TITLE: Scarlet Witch #1 (2015)
Vanesa Del Rey– Artist
James Robinson – Writer
December 9, 2015
Marvel Comics

scarlet witch hip hop variant coverAs we continue our quest to celebrate all the great women that have had their own comic book series whether it be Marvel, DC, Image, etc. We have covered just about every one on this blog whether it be guys that mess with Magic, Mutants with incredible abilities, but we have not touched base with witchcraft which is Scarlet Witch’s domain. That is for today, we are checking out Scarlet Witch #1 which was written by James Robinson and the art was done by Vanesa Del Rey. Scarlet one day wakes up after having a strange vision that she calls a nightmare even though she doesn’t believe in it, but she believes that it’s a sign of sorts. She just doesn’t know what exactly it is, but she goes to investigate a murder that has recently happened. While speaking to the detective at hand, Scarlet will discover something sinister that could both harm the world and the world of witchcraft as well. If you would like to read more from the issue like what she discovered and more then all you have to do is click here to go to Marvel’s website.

22So, when I originally picked up the issue, I grabbed because of the Hip Hop variant cover which you can see above is the Eminem variant cover. I have to be honest with you guys in saying that I am not a huge fan of the artwork in the issue, but I definitely like the story and where it’s going. It’s not that the art is bad, it just looks like something out of an old cartoon picture book from the 70’s and if that was the look they were going for then kudos to them. It’s just not what I was looking for out of the comic even though there were some cool images. I definitely was a big fan of the story and where it was going as far as Scarlet Witch is obviously battling old age in the issue, but she’s battling for witchcraft and it’s future in this comic book. I like how she has the ghost of Agatha with her and the interactions that the two have in the comic book give for a good dynamic. I also liked how they included the skepticism from non-believers and included it in the issue. The panels are easy to follow along with and read so you shouldn’t have a problem there at all. Like I said, the artwork isn’t terrible and the story is cool so check it out and check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: B+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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