Day 71: Marvel’s Jessica Jones #1 Custom Edition (2015)

COMIC TITLE: Marvel’s Jessica Jones #1 (2015)
Michael Gaydos– Artist
Brian Michael Bendis– Writer
September 14, 2015
Marvel Comics

nImysIakWe are moving right along smoothly as we celebrate Women’s History Month here on 365 Comics In 365 Days and for today we are going with a character that I honestly did not know much about. Of course I am talking about Marvel’s Jessica Jones, the investigator who has Hell’s Kitchen and New York on it’s heels as of late with the Netflix original series which has exploded into a legit series. It also helped spawn Marvel into a Netflix TV show empire as well. The issue that I have for you guys today was a custom edition issue that was meant as a companion piece of sorts for the release of the season of the TV series. In the issue, Jessica is looking for someone as usual and she tracks him all the way to the local hospital. Usually she has to beat people up to get answers, but someone already did the job for her on poor Turk. Turk describes this character as the devil of Hell’s Kitchen and that has Jessica very intrigued to find this guy and so the journey begins. To read more about the issue and all that fun stuff from Marvel, then please click here.

O4fHxTjAI am not a super crazy fan of Jessica Jones, but I figured I would give her a shot and I didn’t realize how short this issue really is. With that being said, I am going to be honest in saying that the issue was actually pretty good, but I just would have loved to see a full issue out of it. This just made me believe that it was like a short film version of a comic book. I think having Daredevil in the issue was a definite benefit and a good way to get people interested in the series for sure because we all know what is coming to Netflix soon. The artwork is ok in my opinion, it’s nothing too fancy, but it’s gritty which I think perfectly fits what the comics mood is. That is actually the element that I enjoyed because the artwork isn’t super awesome, but the grittyness lets you remember where you are and what kind of a comic it is. The panels are super easy to read and follow along to and this may be an issue that you want to see if you can get. I have it because it was offered for free on the Marvel app. Check out my grades below:



Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A

Entertainment Value: A



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