Day 76: Wonder Woman #1 (2016)

COMIC TITLE: Wonder Woman #1 (2016)
Liam Sharp– Artist
Greg Rucka– Writer
June 22, 2016
DC Comics

Wonder_Woman_Vol_5_1“Drawing Wonder Woman isn’t just drawing a comic, it’s drawing an icon—the most famous and recognizable female superhero in the world. To get to draw her in her 75th year, with a new storyline scribed by no less than Greg Rucka, makes this without a doubt the most important drawing gig of my 30 years in comics.” That is a quote provided to us thanks to DC Comics from artist Liam Sharp who talks about drawing one of the most iconic female characters in history. She is also why I decided to celebrate Women’s History Month here on the blog and today’s issue is to commemorate how many years she has actually been around which is 76 years. In the last issue, we know that Diana thinks something is wrong, but she wants answers and she wants them quick. After discovering that she wasn’t in actual Olympus, she continues her journey. So, Diana this time around travels this time to Bwunda, but she is not met with open arms. Meanwhile, the government is wondering what she is doing there so they talk to a familiar face to find out what is going on. To read more about the issue and anything else Wonder Woman related, just click here to go to DC’s site.

wonder woman 1As far as this issue is concerned, I understand the direction they decided to head in with this one because you needed to have sub plots in the story to set up future issues and problems. The coolest aspect of the story is definitely Diana making it to this place and traveling through the jungle looking for someone to help her find the truth. It gets pretty intense as she goes through it and that is definitely an exciting part of the comic. On the other end, we see guys from A.R.G.U.S. who may or may not know what is going on with her, but we don’t enough to make that call other than they do keep tabs on her. Things should get interesting as we move along so I’ll be looking forward to it. The artwork for the comic is really good and they definitely improved on the cover for the issue for sure. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here especially with the way it ends with the action packed ending. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A


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