Day 80: Spider-Women Alpha (2016)

COMIC TITLE: Spider-Women Alpha (2016)
Yasmine Putri– Artist
Jason Latour, Dennis Hopeless, and Robbie Thompson– Writers
April 06, 2016
Marvel Comics

spider-women alphaWe are moving right along very smoothly with our Women’s History Month, but there is just one thing that I wanted to get done before the month is over. I figured that you can not have a Women’s History Month without having a crossover event like the one we covered for X-Men earlier this year. In April of 2016, Marvel launched the Spider-Women crossover event that strecthed across three characters and their comics with them being Spider-Woman and Silk of Earth-616 and Spider-Gwen of Earth-65. For today, I have the kick off issue which is Spider-Women Alpha. which sees Spider-Gwen crossing dimensions to have brunch with her fellow spidey girls, but seeing how hectic Jessica Drew’s (Spider-Woman) life is with a kid, they decide to do something different. The only problem is that someone is tracking them and they want something from them. After a brief distraction from a giant adapting Robot, the girls discover that they may be trapped in a different Earth for good. To read more about the issue and what happens next in the story, please click this link to visit Marvel.

spiderwomen alphaThis is truly the event that I have been waiting for because the comics obviously connect right from the very start. It combines one of my favorite characters in Spider-Gwen with Silk and Spider-Woman. The story gets really interesting from the point when they actually decide where to go only because an agent is following them and they it gets action packed all the way to the end and it leaves you in suspense. That is all you can really ask for especially with the caliber of writers that are working on this crossover event. I definitely love the artwork for all of these characters and I think it improved some of them in this issue. The panels are easy to read and follow along with so you shouldn’t have a problem there. Some of the artwork has kind of a classic look to it with a modern twist if that makes any sense whatsoever. This like I said is a great first issue for the crossover event and I can not wait to see what happens next. Stay tuned here, but check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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