Day 83: Spider-Woman #6 (2016)

COMIC TITLE: Spider-Woman #6 (2016)
Joelle Jones– Artist
Dennis Hopeless– Writer
April 27, 2016
Marvel Comics

spiderwoman 6We are moving right along very smoothly with our Women’s History Month and we are also moving along our Spider-Women Crossover event with the next issue in the series. We are checking out the next issue in the story line which is with Jessica Drew a.k.a. Spider-Woman of Earth-616 in Spider-Woman #6. Before we can do that though, we have to look back at what has already happened leading up to this.We found out some shocking information in Silk #7 that the Earth-65 version of Cindy runs an evil billion dollar organization that controls disasters to their advantage. We also find out that the agent following them was the Earth-65 version of Jessica Drew. So in this issue, Jess goes to confront her doppelganger only to find out that it’s a he and that his wife is willing to put up a fight. Meanwhile, after Gwen saves Silk from the building they find out some devastating information of their own that you’ll have to read for yourself if you want find out. To find out more about the issue and anything else Spider-Woman related, please click here to go to Marvel.

spider-woman 6You have to be reading this because this is some exciting stuff that these guys are cooking up for this awesome crossover event. Dennis Hopeless is definitely one of my favorite current writers out there and he is providing the goods along with the other writers in this crossover event. This is the sixth comic I’ve read that features his writing and it’s probably not going to the be the last either. I definitely loved the sequence between Jessica and her doppelgangers wife as she tries to convince her that they are cousins and that there isn’t anything strange going on. Meanwhile, there is plenty of action as well with Spider-Gwen as they fight the Earth-65 version of Doc Oct and the agents of S.I.L.K. which there seems to be endless amounts of them. The artwork in this one is very good and Joelle does a great job staying traditional with Spider-Gwen and Silk and she does an amazing job with the action sequences. The panels are easy to read and follow along with so you shouldn’t have an issue there. Definitely give this series a look or else you’ll regret it. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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