Day 88: Snotgirl #1

COMIC TITLE: Snotgirl #1 (2016)
Leslie Hung– Artist
Brian Lee O’Malley– Writer
July 20, 2016
Image Comics

Snotgirl_01-1We are still celebrating Women’s History Month here on 365 Comics in 365 days and I thought that I would try something different with today’s choice. To be perfectly honest with all of you, I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I picked up Snotgirl #1 from Image Comics. The story was written by Brian Lee O’Malley and the artwork was done by Leslie Hung. The comic book focuses on a 25 year old girl named Leslie Person, who is a fashion blogger and has been doing it for eight years. It seems like she has everything going for her with friends and her fashion blog career, but she has some secrets that she keeps from the public. You see she has a problem that when she gets a little rattled, snots start pouring out from her nose and eyes and her allergies start acting up. After most of her friends bailed on her, she meets a new girl that she hopes can be her new best friend, but can she keep the secret from her. To find out more about this more adult themed comic book and more from Image, you can do so here.

Snotgirl-1-Panel-2While I am going to be completely honest with you guys about this comic book, I do want you to understand something though. There is probably an audience out there somewhere for a comic book of this nature, but it is definitely not with me. I don’t want to knock the work that these people put in to this comic book, but if I were to judge this just believe that I am fine with only reading one issue of this ever. This is not a comic book that I will never glance at or contemplate ever picking up ever again. The subject matter to me is non relateable to me or any of my interests in my life, but I am sure there is someone who can relate to this somewhere in the world. The panels are easy to read, but it can be difficult deciding whether it’s a thought bubble or her actually speaking. Take a chance if you like or don’t it’s up to you. Check out my grades below and remember there not going to seem fair, but they are my grades on it and what I thought about the issue. Take them for what it’s worth:


Story/Plot: C-

Artwork: C-

Character Representation: C-

Entertainment Value: D


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