Day 89: DC Bombshells #1 (2015)

COMIC TITLE: DC Bombshells #1 (2015)
Marguerite Sauvage– Artist
Marguerite Bennett– Writer
August 12, 2015
DC Comics

DC_Comics_Bombshells_Vol_1_1_VariantEven though there are only two days left (including today) in the month of March, we are still celebrating Women’s History Month and we plan to finish strong. Through out the month, we have checked out various female superheroes from DC and Marvel like Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Wolverine (X23), Spider-Gwen, Silk, Spider-Woman, and so many more. There is one comic book series that we haven’t checked out yet that looks completely awesome and it’s a re-imagining of sorts. The series that I am talking about comes from DC Comics and it’s called DC Bombshells where it takes all of our favorite characters and sticks in World War II era Earth. The comic book deals first with Batwoman and her struggle that she faces in Gotham City with her true identity and that of Batwoman until someone we all know shows up. The second story deals with Princess Diana (Wonder Woman) and the struggle to understand the war and Steve Trevor who has just crash landed on her island. The last story deals with Kara Starikov and her sister Kortni as they try to become Night Witches for the Soviet Union, but Kara has to hide who she truly is for her and her sisters sake. To find out more about the comic, please click here to go to DC’s website.

Bombshells02One of the things I love about this comic book is the artwork because it takes all of your favorite female superheroes and makes them classic looking. It gives them that classic 1940’s look that we all grew to love about that era and I am enjoying it. I can’t wait to see who else shows up later on in the series and how they are going to look. The comic itself left a lot to interpretation and I don’t want to give any details away look who showed up to visit Batwoman, but I like the story line with her. Does her girlfriend know that she is Batwoman or is that a secret? Just who in the world is Kara Starikov? At least I know who she is, but do you? What is Wonder Woman going to do to Steve Trevor is the last question on all of our minds as we wonder about issue two. The panels are easy to read and follow along with so you shouldn’t have a problem there. If you’re a fan of that bombshells era and all of DC’s amazing women, then check this comic out. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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