Day 91: Madballs #1 (2016)

COMIC TITLE: Madballs #1 (2016)
Brian Smith– Artist
Brad McGinty– Writer
April 20, 2016
Roar Comics

MB_01_CvrA_McGinty_FNLIf you were born at all in the 80’s then I guarantee you that you have heard of a foam product that came out called Madballs. I never knew their true purpose or what they were made for, but I always thought that they were the coolest looking toys when I was a kid. So, it’s safe to say that when I saw that they had released a Madballs comic (not an April fool’s Joke) from Roar Comics/Lion Forge Comics, I had to buy the issue. The funny thing about Madballs #1 is that I bought it and left it at a friend’s house for a long time and now I am just getting it back. The comic has several different stories within it from that feature Screamin’ Meemie, Brain Bash, Skullface, and the rest of Madballs clan in an attempt to make it to the Bizarro Bowl, but something goes wrong. In another story, an alien life form comes to Earth and is just screwing up the communication. The last story is about the Madballs by-accidentally getting thrown into a time machine to meet their doppelgangers. To read what is going on with Lion Forge Comics, then just click here.

mbIf you are interested in smart and impressive dialogue, then this may not be the comic book for you. If you want an excuse to reconnect with the child version of yourself through nostalgia, then this is the comic book for you. The dialogue is not brilliant for sure, but it’s fun to sit there and read because after all when we were kids did great dialogue really matter to us? I think the eight year old version of me is smacking me saying hell no and let me read that comic. The artwork is obviously the selling point of the comic book and it would almost certainly have to be. Why else would you want to read an issue of Madballs. The best artwork in the whole comic book comes with the second story which is something about a purple purty kitty. I know the title sounds insane to say, but it’s true. That to me had the best artwork in the whole comic book and it was a little different than the rest of the issue. If you were a fan of this stuff back then, then why not give it a shot, I did and I enjoyed it.


Story/Plot: B-

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+