Challenge 2: Day 83: Death Of Love #2 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: Death Of Love #2 (2018)
Justin Jordan- Writer
Donal Delay and Omar Estévez– Artist
March 21, 2018
Image Comics

DeathofLove_02-1One of my favorite comic books that came out on Valentine’s Day is a five issue miniseries by Image Comics called Death Of Love. It’s a comic book that was written by Justin Jordan (The Legacy Of Luther Strode) and Ilustrated by Donal Delay (My Geek Family) and Omar Estévez (Heavy Metal). Now can you imagine if by taking a pill that you were able to see the world famous Cupid and his Cupidae? Would you freak out over the sight of this small messengers of love or would you embrace the fact that you could be going crazy? That is exactly the place that Harris found himself when he took a pill that a stranger gave him in a bar in the very first issue of the comic. How is Harris supposed to explain this to his best friend Bob or Zoe without the chance that they think he is losing his mind? That is the crisis that he faces in the second issue, but he needs to track down the pills to take more just to make sure that he in fact is not going out of his mind. What will he do when he faces the issue first hand? All those questions and more when you check out the comic for yourselves here.

DeathofLove02-01I have high hopes for this series because I can see so many great angles to build from moving forward. I will however say that I am definitely not disappointed at all with this issue as they keep the momentum going. In fact I love the interactions between Philo (Harris) and the Cupidae and wait till you see what happens at the end of this. In the words of the great Jim Ross, “Business has just picked up.” My only question moving forward from this is what is going to happen to Philo when he runs out of pills? Apparently that is the only way that you can see them so what happens when he runs out of pills? Hopefully those questions get answered as well moving forward. I still like the artwork in the comic as it has that Ash Vs The Evil Dead comic look as I have said before. I definitely can not wait for April 18TH which is when the next issue of the comic comes out. The comic has some action and definitely some great comedy in it so check it out and check out my grades below.


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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