Challenge 2: Day 88: Bloodshot Vol.1: Blood Of The Machine (2012)

COMIC TITLE: Valiant Masters: Bloodshot Vol. 1: Blood Of The Machines (2012)
Ted Halsted, Don Perlin, and Andrew Wendel– Artist
Kevin Van Hook– Writer
October 24, 2012
Valiant Comics

Bloodshot_Vol_1_1Yesterday was the first time in the duration of this challenge that I reviewed a title from Valiant Comics. Yesterday’s title had me so excited that I needed to read another comic from the company and I happened to find one that I have always wanted to read. Back in the early 90’s, things were turbulent in the comic world as former employees of Marvel and DC were going out and starting their own comic book companies. Then this was this interest in mercenaries with a unique story like Deathstroke from DC (1980), Deadpool from Marvel (1991), and Bloodshot from Valiant (1992). For today’s comic we are covering Valiant’s Bloodshot in Bloodshot Vol. 1: Blood Of The Machines which was written by Kevin Van Hook (Cyberpunk) and illustrated by Ted Halsted (Eternal Warrior), Don Perlin (Captain America), and Andrew Wendel (Archer & Armstrong). All Bloodshot wants to know is who was he before he became the killing machine with Nanite self healing technology that used to be known as Angelo Mortalli? The journey he goes on will only take him deeper and deeper into an underworld that he may not make it out of if he isn’t lucky.

xybf7JQqYou can see the similarities between some of the characters in the comic book universe as Deadpool is a merc who happens to have healing abilities after the mutant gene was awoken in him. Bloodshot is a former mob soldier who after getting double crossed, gets turned into a super-soldier who can self heal and he connects with technology. These kinds of things are going to happen, but what I like about this one is that it’s obviously on the more serious side than Deadpool. he’s a man/cyborg-ish who is trying to get his life back together in a way only because he wants to know why? One cool thing about this comic is that it features the first appearance of Ninjak who is more like Deadpool in the sense of the sense of humor. The artwork to the comic is very 90ish if you understand what I am saying. It has that old school look to it as far as the drawings were concerned. The other cool factor is that Valiant was able to grab Don Perlin who did Captain America, The Defenders, and so much more to do this comic. That must have been awesome for a lot of the other guys working on the comic. One thing that I didn’t understand about the comic is why were we like more than 2000 years into the future during some of the issues? I think that Bloodshot is officially a bad ass and you should check this out for yourselves. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A-

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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