Challenge 2: Day 102: Avengers #125 (1974)

COMIC TITLE: Avengers #125 (1974)
John Buscema– Artist
Steve Englehart–Writers
July 1974
Marvel Comics

Avengers_Vol_1_125We are counting down here on the 365 challenge to the day that the brand new Avengers: Infinity Wars film is released into theaters. The film promises to be one of the biggest films in MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) history as the Avengers do battle with the mad titan Thanos. Last week, we looked at Iron Man #55 which happens to be one of the comics in the graphic novel Avengers Vs Thanos which also happens to be the first book you pick up if you’re trying to read the whole event in order. This week, we have another issue from that graphic novel and it’s Avengers #125 which was released in July of 1974 and it was written by Steve Engelhart (The Vision And Scarlet Witch) and illustrated by John Buscema (Silver Surfer: Judgement Day). In this issue, Libra has been arrested and he will be apart from Mantis as she continues her life with the Avengers. Meanwhile, Steve Rogers comes back and he should be happy about the victory, but something is troubling him about how it happened. Captain America and the rest of the team will have to put their feelings aside when they discover that Thanos has sent some ships to try and destroy Earth.

cap returnsI really felt that this comic was trying to process so much information into one book because their was just so much going on at one time. You had them exploring a storyline from Captain Mar-Vel and then a subplot between Vision and Scarlet Witch made it’s way before we hear Captain America whine about something else at the same time that they are trying to deal with Thanos. I didn’t hate the issue because it gives you some ground on what happened and how everything started brewing to a war. I just felt like it was doing way too much for one issue. I’ll have to read more into it as time comes, but I was a little confused as to what was going on with Mantis too. Was she an Avenger or criminal because Libra seemed to love her before he was carted off to jail. If you are a fan of that old school artwork then you will definitely love this issue and I suggest you check it out or get the True Believers edition that came out last week. It’s only a dollar to get it so why not. Hopefully, it gets you started on your quest of enlightenment. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A

Entertainment Value: A


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