Challenge 2: Day 120: Weapon H #2 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: Weapon H #2 (2018)
Cory Smith– Artist
Greg Pak– Writer
April 18, 2018
Marvel Comics

weapon hWe are still catching up on our comics and I have issue 2 of Weapon H for you guys that was once again written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Cory Smith. In the last issue, we find out that the people behind the Weapon X program were at it again, but this time they may have bit off more then they could chew with their latest creation in Weapon H. Weapon H is what happens when you mix the Incredible Hulk’s DNA with the adamantium of Wolverine. We find out that it was a soldier named Clay Sung that they used for the program and now that it’s complete he has managed to escape the facility. He is trying his hardest to not be noticed and if he rages out, he immediately leaves the area to continue being on the run, but one stop could prove hazardous. The Roxxon corporation is doing some research in Canada when one of the scientists ends up conjuring some wendingos which forces Clay to rage out. In this issue, Doctor Strange decides that he needs to join the fight because he knows how to defeat the wendingos, but the sight of this Weapon H frightens him a little to the point that he wants to help him. The only questions is will he take it?

Cvg_vF4EFirst I want to talk about the artwork in the comic because it goes with description of the action that is contained in the comic. There are some real graphic scenes in this issue when Hulkverine battles the wendingos and it’s awesome because the comic is action packed. I am a huge fan of the artwork as I said in the previous issue and in the battle between DC and Marvel, I think Weapon H is cooler than Damage. I am definitely waiting to see how Clay’s family is going to be impacted because they were the b story in the first issue and they get part of a page in this issue. I have that feeling that they are going to figure out who he is and they are going to use his family as bait which is predictable. That’s not for us to worry about right now because the story just keeps getting better and I love that they added Doctor Strange to the story. I’m definitely glued to the comic and I cannot wait for what comes out next. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A

Entertainment Value: A+


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