Challenge 2: Day 122: Alien Toilet Monsters #1 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: Alien Toilet Monsters #1 (2018)
Eric Barnett– Artist
Eric Barnett and Carol Zara – Writers
May 2, 2018

alien t monstersAnytime that I am trying to check out what is new and exciting that is going to come out every Wednesday on New Comic Book Day, I turn to for all the info. I have discovered dozens of titles through that site that I decided to bring to this challenge for you to enjoy as well. That was definitely the case when it came to this week’s title as the words Alien Toilet Monsters caught my attention right away. The comic book was released today by Omnimorphic and it was written by Carol Zara and Eric Barnett while Barnett also served as the artist for the title as well. Haven’t you ever wondered if we were the only life form in the universe? It was always an interesting question that could have a yes and a no answer. Well in the world of ATM, they have discovered that there are multiple universes with each one different than the other. In Multi-16, all Frankie wants is to reconnect with his dead wife’s doppleganger of sorts, but the time police and a monster that breeds through eating from Multi-241 could prove to be a big problem for him.

Alien-Toilet-Monsters-1-Interior-PageSpoiler Alert: Do not continue to read if you do not want to know some info. I have to be honest in saying that for a little while, I had no idea what was going on or what the point of the comic was because all I was expecting to see was Alien Toilet Monsters like the title would suggest. We didn’t get to see any of them in this issue and that kind of let me down because it’s why I picked it up in the first place. Now they could be setting up a meeting with them in future issues, but I think an appearance should have happened even if it was at the end of the issue (you think they would with a merch line). Now, I definitely get the story and what they are doing with it, but for a little while I was like what does this have to do with Toilet monsters? So, I may continue on with the next issue in hopes that they answer this question. As far as the artwork is concerned, I definitely liked the artwork, but the panels are not easy to follow along with. They have way too much going on in some panels and some of the word bubbles , you trying to figure out which ones to read before any other ones in some of the panels. That was a little bit annoying to me, but the content was good enough to keep me going. Check it out if you want to, but check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A-

Artwork: A-

Character Representation: A-

Entertainment Value: A-


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