Challenge 2: Day 123: The New Mutants #98 (1991)

COMIC TITLE: The New Mutants #98 (1991)
Rob Liefeld– Artist
Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza– Writers
February 1991
Marvel Comics

New_Mutants_Vol_1_98In just fifteen days, one of the most anticipated Marvel/Fox films will hot the big screen all across the country and the world. Of course, I am talking about Deadpool 2 which if the deal works out the way everyone thinks it will could be 20TH Century Fox’s last hurrah on the silver screen with the superhero franchise that was the first ever to go number one with a rated r rating. So, I figured that I would give Deadpool the same treatment that I gave Avengers: Infinity Wars on Throwback Thursday by looking back at some classic Deadpool comics. The question going into today was where I was going to start and instantly thought why not then check out the very issue that was the first appearance of the Merc with a Mouth than New Mutants #98 which was written and illustrated by Rob Liefeld (Youngblood) and Fabian Nicieza (Alpha Flight) provided some writing credits as well. The issue starts off with Gideon preparing himself for some sort of battle with some upgrades while at the mansion, Cable is scratching his head. Cable is tasked with trying to build a team for war and he is frankly out of options but things escalate when Deadpool shows up for a job.

New Mutants #98 - DominoI am just going to say it and that is Deadpool’s appearance in this comic book is the true highlight because the blueprint is there for what he becomes in the future. He doesn’t break the fourth wall or anything yet (Deadpool #27) so don’t expect that kind of humor. He is actually the bad guy in this comic book while Cable is the leader of the New Mutants , but thanks to Deadpool we get Domino who joins the team. You see, we get Domino, Deadpool, and Cable who are all in the film on here. I actually dig the story itself because it shows a different side of what is going on as it looks like we are preparing for war. It also leaves you on quite the cliffhanger as well so you may be interested in finishing the story arc. The artwork has that 90’s comic book style which still leans on the old school look and feel while trying to be a little more edgier with the artwork. The action sequences are really good and entertaining so I can see how Deadpool was able to get to the following he did. Check it out for yourself and check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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