Challenge 2: Day 124: Guardians Of The Galaxy: Free Comic Book Day #1 (2014)

COMIC TITLE: Guardians Of The Galaxy: Free Comic Book Day #1 (2014)
Nick Bradshaw, Andy Smith, and Giuseppe Camuncoli– Artist
Brian Michael Bendis, Jim Starlin, and Dan Slott – Writer
May 27, 2014
Marvel Comics

9J4PLPHSConsidering that it is May 4TH which means for all you Star Wars fans out there that it’s May The 4TH and May the 4TH be with you all. May 4TH this year also signifies that we are also one day away from one of the coolest events of the year for comic book fans everywhere. Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day so make sure you go to your local comic book shop and support comic book shops. Today, we are checking out the Guardians Of The Galaxy title from 2014 that was written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Nick Bradshaw. The comic also features previews of the graphic novel for Thanos: The Infinity Revelation written by Jim Starlin and illustrated by Andy Smith. The last one is from Spider-Verse which was written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli. In the Guardians story, Tony Stark is trying to sell Flash Thompson a.k.a.Agent Venom on the idea of working with the Guardians. In Thanos: Infinity Revelations, Thanos just wants to talk to Drax about all the times he has been resurrected. In the Spider-Verse story, we are treated to a Shakesepare era Spider-Man who may have met his match.

0I have to say that I love the artwork for all three stories as every artist that worked on those did a phenomenal job. The panels are easy to read and follow along with and the art is just crisp especially in details. As far as the stories are concerned, I really liked the Spider-Verse story the best because it left you on one hell of a cliffhanger verses the Guardians story which was just a let’s get you psyched and wanting to read our book because we added Agent Venom. I love the Guardians regardless, so I would probably pick that up, but even Thanos’s story stopped at a pretty good cliffhanger. Most of the time, these comics are just previews of what is to come or extra stories, but if I am reading something that is supposed to entice me then I want a cliffhanger. Nevertheless, the cool thing about the Guardians story is the way that Tony Stark describes the Guardians to Flash. He is really trying to sell them like they are the greatest team around since the Avengers. I thought that it was fun and it captured the essence of the Guardians. This comic is free on the Marvel Comics App so check it out for yourselves and go and support your local comic book shop tomorrow.


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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