Challenge 2: Day 133: Old Man Hawkeye #4 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: Old Man Hawkeye #4 (2018)
Marco Checchetto–Artist
Ethan Sacks– Writer
April 25, 2018
Marvel Comics

Old_Man_Hawkeye_Vol_1_4For today’s comic, we are checking out Old Man Hawkeye #4, but before we can do that, let’s see what has happened so far in the story. After the fact that he found he was losing his vision after the incident in the mountains with the Madrox gang, Clint decided that it was time to get some revenge on the deaths of of all of his friends in the Avengers. The only problem was for a while we had no idea who he was looking for until he went to Murderworld. It became clear at that moment that he was hunting all the members of the Thunderbolts team who apparently double crossed him. Not only does that mission at hand, he also doesn’t realize that he has Bullseye hot on his tail and looking to snipe him for good as well as the Venom Symbiote which has bonded withe all the members of the Madrox gang. In this issue, we find out that Clint has found the man known to some as Beetle or Mach X to others who is working these days in a run down factory dreaming of his love Songbird. Meanwhile, we see that Bullseye is hot on his tail, but he have to deal with the offspring of Kraven The Hunter. The Venom symbiotes meanwhile are at Murderworld looking for answer, but the question is will they get it.

beetleThe artwork in this series just continues to impress me with every single issue and I think it’s cool that they are showing you the older versions of some of our favorite characters. I love some of the new additions to the comic like the Killer Kravinoffs (Krave The Hunter’s kids) as well as the re-imaginings. I definitely loved that the Venom Symbiotes were a little more involved in this comic then they were in previous issues because it seemed like they would potentially be important. I am not exactly sure if I was a huge fan of them showing how dull Beetles life has become, but I think it’s important to see how dull their lives have become since it all went down. I definitely liked the showdown between Hawkeye and Beetle, I thought it had plenty of action. I’m not exactly sure how many issues are left because originally I thought that it was going to be a miniseries, but it looks like well get more of it. There is so much they can do with it and they can really bring out the battles. This is one of the few series out there that I am addicted to so check it out and check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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