Challenge 2: Day 138: Death Of Love #4 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: Death Of Love #4 (2018)
Justin Jordan- Writer
Donal Delay and Omar Estévez– Artist
May 16, 2018
Image Comics

DeathOfLove_04-1I was excited for today’s comic book because artist Donal Delay promised me that the next issue of Death Of Love was going to be awesome. So, I couldn’t wait to get to my comic book shop to pick up my copy and dive right into it. So for today, we have Death Of Love #4 which is the second to last issue. Here is what we know so far: Philo is kind of a loser who has no luck at scoring with girls no matter what he does. One night while out with some friends, he is given some pills with hearts on by a mysterious figure and when he takes them he sees Cupid (actually he sees Cupidae or multiple cherubs). After freaking out and killing one of them, they Cupidae have declared war against Philo and unfortunately he has now dragged his two friends into it as well. In this issue, they are on the run because these cherubs are relentless and they want Philo dead. Philo and Co. have no choice they have to defend themselves, but they may have bigger problems coming there way that is definitely going to ruin their day. For more info on the comic and anything else Image related just click here for more.

DeathofLove04-01Let’s just say that I am going to start with the artwork that will also touch upon the story. This was definitely an issue that lived up to the hype and you need to check out the battle scenes in this one cause it’s epic. The action is drawn every well and I love some of the decisions on what the picture should look like when a whole squad of cupidae are firing arrows at the same time. If there was an issue to pump you up for the next one then this is definitely it. I don’t even care that my questions from the last issue were not answered because I want to read and see what happens next. The writing in this comic has me feeling like I am watching something that Seth Rogen would star in with all his buds. Could you imagine Paul Rudd as Philo? This issue definitely had the turning point at the end of it that is called the twist which all leads to what will hopefully be the epic conclusion. When you get to the end of it, read the explanation that follows on how they designed a character that I will not spoil for you guys. Thank you to Donal for delivering and thank you to everyone involved for proving why I love Image Comics. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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