Challenge 2: Day 140: Cavewoman Sea Monsters (2013)

COMIC TITLE: Cavewoman Sea Monsters (2013)
Rob Durham- Writers
Rob Durham– Artist
November 2013
Amryl Entertainment

cavewoman sea monsters coverEvery week, I look to try and check out what is coming out the very next week and there I game plan with what comic I want to check out. Every week since the beginning of the year I began noticing a comic book by the name Cavewoman and the very eye catching covers that accompany it. Unfortunately, my comic book shop never carries the comic and that means I don’t get to check it out. Well, it sort of ends today because I acquired one comic book and I have decided to check it out for today. The comic I have for today is Cavewoman Sea Monsters and it was released back in November of 2013 and it was written and illustrated by Rob Durham (Reasonably Priced Comics). Something is troubling our cavewoman Meriem as she struggles with her thoughts as she sits alone on the beach mourning the death of Bruce. After a little advice from the spirit of her Grandfather, she finds a goal and that is to help sea turtles and to protect their eggs so they can hatch. The only thing is that she has her work cut out for her with all the predators that are around.

cavewoman editedI have to be honest in saying that while this may seem to be a ridiculous comic book to read, it wasn’t that bad. It’s not any more ridiculous of an idea to read then a comic book called Sex Criminals. So get your minds out of the gutter (for at least a minute or two) and check out this review. There is nudity throughout the comic book but it’s because she is basically topless throughout the whole comic. I guess she figured out how to make underwear, but said forget it to a top. The artwork is in black and white, but that is not a penalty against it at all. The artwork is very good, but if you don’t enjoy B&W then you’re probably not going to like this. I loved the whole sequence she has in the comic with the Megalodon, it’s quite the epic battle. The story is pretty good, it’s has that moral ending where it’s a i scratch your back, you scratch mine thing going. The thing I liked about this comic is that it had a very Heavy Metal/Red Sonja kind of feel to the artwork and I enjoy that. It’s definitely worth a peak, so check it out.


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A

Entertainment Value: A


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