Challenge 2: Day 141: Pink Panther Vs The Inspector #1 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: Pink Panther Vs The Inspector #1 (2018)
Nick Capetanakis, Todd Livingston, S.A. Check, and Warren Tufts- Writers
Diego Tapie, Jazz Dela Cuesta, and Warren Tufts– Artists
April 11, 2018
American Mythology Productions

Pink PantherEvery once in a while there is a comic book that feel you have to check out just because of the reputation that it has. Every once in a while a company like American Mythology Productions comes out with a title that you recognize like seeing the words Pink Panther. I loved watching the original Pink Panther cartoon when I was a kid and this was a comic book I wanted to check out and now I have it for you guys here in Pink Panther vs The Inspector #1 which features stories written by Nick Capetanakis, Todd Livingston, S.A. Check, and Warren Tufts with illustrations done by Tufts, Diego Tapie, and Jazz Dela Cuesta. In Fit and Pink, all the panther wants to do is get a membership at this gym so that he can get buff, but he has no money so he decides to get clever despite the clerk and the Inspectors warnings. In The Think Pink Line, someone is robbing the Pink Panther’s neighborhood and he is being framed. In Pink Salesman, a mixup sends the Panther to Alaska to try and sell AC Units. The last story, Case Of The Strange Robbery, the Inspector is sent to investigate a bank robbery till the footage puzzles him.

pinkThe first story was a breeze to get through because there was barely any dialogue, but it was hilarious and probably my favorite story of them all. The second story was pretty funny while the third has you puzzled to how he was going to succeed until you see the end result. The fourth story was pretty good, but you sat there wondering how lucky does this inspector get? The artwork is fantastic as it felt and looked like the old cartoon I used to watch as a kid and that was bit of a nostalgic kick for me. I think they did a fantastic job with it and I’m not sure if this is going to be an ongoing thing or a one shot. If it was an ongoing thing, I would probably subscribe to it just to see all the great stories that they can tell. It’s astonishing just to know how long this series has been going for considering the original film was done in 1963. I say give the comic book a shot if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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