Challenge 2: Day 143: You Are Deadpool #4 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: You Are Deadpool #4 (2018)
Paco Diaz– Artist
Al Ewing– Writers
May 23, 2018
Marvel Comics

portrait_incredibleAt the beginning of the month, we started a journey unlike any other that I had ever done before. It was a journey that involved some dice, some wit, and some good ole fashioned luck as we explored You Are Deadpool. An interactive game hosted by everyone’s favorite Merc with a mouth and unfortunately thanks to the score of the very first issue, I had to wait for issue four to come out this week in order to continue. This week’s issue was once again written by Al Ewing (Avengers: No Surrender), but illustrated by Paco Diaz (U.S. Avengers). The first issue gave us the tutorial as we followed Deadpool on his adventure that at least for me brought him face to face with the Grasshopper as we tried to get some information from the Roxxon Corporation building. Unfortunately, my score made me wait for issue four as we used the time helmet. In issue four, we are sent into 1985 where we have to figure out a code to get us into the offices of the Kingpin to get our helmet back before it’s too late. For more information on the comic, click here to go to Marvel.

bKfZJ_71I have to say with the results of the first and really only game I played today, I did not do so well. In fact, I did so bad that the game was over and Deadpool was melted and lasered to death. It was the end of the road for me and I wasn’t too pleased with it to be honest. aid before, if you’re not willing to put in the effort to play this then you might not want to pick this one up. You also have to be willing to either write in the comic or redeem the digital code to avoid ruining the comic like I did. I am definitely going to be playing this game again in hopes that I get better results for the next time. I definitely dig the artwork for this comic, but  am not sure why they switched artists from the first issue to this one? I thought that Salvador Espin did an amazing job and I am definitely not taking anything away from Paco Diaz. He picked up the ball and ran with it and that is much appreciated. Get active, grab some dice, and let’s play You Are Deadpool! Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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