Challenge 2: Day 146: Ice Cream Man #2 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: Ice Cream Man #2 (2018)
Martin Morazzo and Chris O’Halloran– Artists
W. Maxwell Prince– Writer
February 21, 2018
Image Comics

ice cream man #2Back in February of this year, we checked out a comic book that I was super excited for from Image Comics that was promising to be like a Tales From The Crypt and other horror anthologies alike. The comic I am talking about is Ice Cream Man and it’s written by W. Maxwell Prince (Judas: The Last Days) and illustrated by Martin Morazzo (Elektra) and Chris O’Halloran (Generation Gone). In the first issue, we saw that a werewolf like creature was haunting this small town and it had the police puzzled. We also saw that a little boy allowed his parents to be bit by an deadly Brazilian spider and he did nothing about it. In the second issue, we see a woman who is caring for her boyfriend who appears to be very sick and as we dig deeper into their lives, we find out what the real problem is. Jim is dope sick because he hasn’t had his fix of dope and it has his girlfriend panicking. She has a decision to make and she has to do it quick, but what will the Ice Cream Man have to offer her? For more info on the comic or anything else Image related, just click here.

ice cream man 2I have to be completely honest in saying that while I am not quite sure how this 100% horror related, I am also not going to deny it either. You are given choices in this world and the wrong choice could bring you in the wrong direction and the Ice Cream Man could be the harvester of sorrow. He gives you options and allows you to make your pick, but he gives you the consequences as well. This particular issue kind of hits home in a way because the drug epidemic is so tragic and I have seen way too many people make the wrong choice. It’s kind of a dark reminder of what happens to you when you get hooked on the stuff and the lives that the desperation effects. So, kudos to them for bringing some social awareness into the comic cause that truly can be some scary stuff. This was kind of a different issue than the first one just based on how it was presented, but I definitely liked it. In the review of the first issue, I asked how these comics were one shots, well this one answered that loud and clear. The artwork is great, the story was great so what are you waiting for?


Story/Plot: A/A+

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A

Entertainment Value: A


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