Challenge 2: Day 151: The Son Of Satan #1 (1975)

COMIC TITLE: The Son Of Satan #1 (1975)
Jim Mooney and Jim Starlin – Artists
John Warner– Writer
December 1975
Marvel Comics

son of satan #1Everything is back to normal here on the challenge as it is Thursday which can only mean one thing and that it’s Throwback Thursday. It’s time we hop in a time machine and go back in time to check out some old school comic books. The title that I chose for today is one that I had been looking forward to reading ever since the first time I saw it in Harrison’s Comics in Salem, MA. The title of the comic The Son Of Satan #1 just jump out and struck me as I couldn’t believe that Marvel had actually created a comic with that title. Nevertheless, we are checking out issue one which follows our protagonist Daimon Hellstrom. You see Daimon is the son of Satan and there is no escaping that fact, but his mother tried her best to show him love so that he wouldn’t follow in his father’s footsteps. Banned from Hell, Daimon tries his best to help those in need while also battling a very dark side that is contained within him. That is his only link to his father, but after someone had broken into his home, he is trying his best to contain it. Who is this strange figure known as the Possessor and what does he ultimately want from the Son of Satan?

son of satanThis is a very interesting comic to say the least especially if you are into the kinds of comics like Doctor Strange or even Thor (mainly in dealing with otherworldly beings). It has that very 70ish dialogue that while I am not a huge fan of, I still appreciate it. I just hate dialogue that is always them walking into a room and saying, “who dares defy me in this sacred house and defy blah blah”, but maybe that’s just how they talk. I definitely wish that I had a better scan of the comic as you can see to the left of this paragraph, it was a little hard to read at times. I definitely think that I would have enjoyed it more if the quality of my scan was better so I am not taking any points away from the artwork. I actually enjoyed the artwork as you had some of the best of the best working on this in Jim Starlin (The Infinity Gauntlet) and Jim Mooney (Ghost Rider). The artwork was vivid and full of color and I can’t wait to read more because the story is just getting started. John Warner (Dark Shadows) did a great job as far as writing was concerned as he has me intrigued to want to see what happens next and what role will Satan play in the upcoming issues. Check it out for yourselves and check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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