Challenge 2: Day 152: Halloween: Nightdance #1 (2008)

COMIC TITLE: Halloween: Nightdance #1 (2008)
Tim Seeley– Artists
Stefan Hutchinson– Writer
February 2008
Devil’s Due Publishing

Nightdance_1_AOne of my all time favorite horror movies is John Carpenter’s Halloween which was released in 1978. I love the film because it’s the film that made me fall in love with horror films because it’s antagonist Michael Myers was an intriguing character. Everything from the reasons he does what he does to the mask he wears is just intriguing to me and I have always loved the psychology behind the film. That is why when I saw that Devil’s Due Publishing had put out a Halloween miniseries, I had to jump on the opportunity to check it out. The series is entitled Halloween: Nightdance and the first issue was written by Stefan Hutchinson (Halloween: Autopsis) and illustrated by Tim Seeley (G.I. Joe vs The Transformers) as the story takes place on the Halloween: H2O timeline. The story takes us to a place called Russellville, Illinois where life seems pretty normal in this small town, but that is ultimately not the truth as the man known as Michael Myers still lurks in the streets. For 18 year old, Lisa Thomas, all she wants to do is prove that she is no longer afraid of the dark and just be normal like everyone else. Unfortunately for Lisa, something is sending her some very dark vibes and that is not a good thing as terror comes to Russellville.

halloweenI have to be honest I was a little confused at first with the timeline of events because it bounces from being with Lisa to being with a couple from Chicago who are leaving to go to Russellville to a girl being tortured by someone and they intertwine with each other somehow. So, that part was a little confusing at first when I started, but then I was able to figure out the timeline. I also was not entirely sure we were dealing with the real Michael Myers or a copycat due to one picture that I saw in the book, but in the end I think it is him. I do like the story and I want to give it a chance because I am only one issue deep and it could get a lot better. I am a huge stickler for artwork and I have dealt with all kinds as you’ll see on my list. The only thing is I am not in love with the artwork, but I get why it looks the way it does. I feel like the artwork has that horror kind of feel to it which works for this series. There is definitely some real graphic scenes contained in the issue so be prepared for that. Here is to what the future will bring, but for now check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A-

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A


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