Challenge 2: Day 164: Death Of Love #5 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: Death Of Love #5 (2018)
Justin Jordan- Writer
Donal Delay and Omar Estévez– Artist
June 13, 2018
Image Comics

DeathofLove_05-1Today is a happy and sad kind of day all rolled into one and I’ll explain. I’m happy because it’s New Comic Book Day, but sad because today is also the end of a run for a comic that I fell in love with and I didn’t even need those cute little pills with the hearts on them like in the series Death Of Love. The series was written by Justin Jordan (Green Lantern: Lights Out) and illustrated by Donal Delay (The Gathering) and Omar Estévez (Batman ’66). Here is what we know leading up to issue #5: We know that Philo is a complete screw up asshole who happens to be the lucky recipient of some pills with hearts on them that allow you to see cupidae (multiple cupids). In his frightened and shocked state, he happens to kill one of them which incensed those cute cherubs into declaring war on Philo. In a moment of dumbfounded selfishness, he manages to get his friends involved in this matter by dosing them. Now after they murdered some more cupidae, the big guns gets called in the form of an angry god named Eros. Now, the question is what will the trio do to get out of this mess because Eros wants answers.

DeathofLove05-02I’m trying not to spoil as much details as I can because this is the way to close out a series for sure. I have to give Justin Jordan a lot of credit because he is the man behind the story and I love what he did with Eros. If I had to describe Eros, I would say that he is that Jock in high school who is always claiming that he is getting so much play from the ladies that he is just dumbfounded that no one else is doing it as much as he is. You know the one who tells you that you couldn’t get laid in a women’s prison! Yeah that is Eros right there for you and I love it because it works with who Philo is because as Justin says at the end, Philo is not really a hero and they point out plenty of times that he is doomed in the ladies category. Then there is the artwork that is done by Estévez and Delay who by the way has not let me down since we spoke on Twitter. These guys brought the characters to life and they made the comic very enjoyable with every issue. While, I am sad that this was the last issue, I hope that things are truly not over and that maybe we’ll get more in the future. For now, check out the series and check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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